Our Plan.

The whole thought process and mission behind Creatives Coalesce is to bring awareness to people struggling to survive after natural disasters affected their homes, unite Architecture, Interior Design, and other Creative communities, and to raise money by using our talents. 

We might not be able to be on the front lines, physically rebuilding (at least not yet), but we can raise funds to help other charities and organizations already on the ground making a difference. Our plan to raise support is pretty simple. We will be selling sketches and donating the proceeds to Kenny Chesney's Love for Love City Foundation. If you want to donate more than $20 to Love for Love City Foundation or an alternative charity, we have included a list of charities already working towards rebuilding hurting communities, so you can give above and beyond. 

How can you help?
Send us your sketches. We have created this site as a platform for a community of people that want to come together to make a difference. Email us your sketches, name, and a little about the design to contact@creativescoalesce.com, and we will give you credit for your design, sell the sketches for you, and donate the proceeds towards the Love for Love City Foundation. As time passes, we hope to share more about the people involved, how much money has been raised, and how your money is being used to help those in need.

Comment. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section on ways Architecture, Interior Design, and other Creative communities can get involved. Do you know a specific charity that needs man power? Let us know!

Spread the word. We can get the word out there, but if we start networking together, the impact could be even more influential and effective.

None of this is possible without you! We want to help, we want to get involved, and we want to support the people and communities that have lost everything. If we all put our creative minds together, we are confident that we can achieve these goals.